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Dynamo Girl Semester Overview

Our goal at Dynamo Girl is to build girls’ abilities while still maintaining an atmosphere of fun. No matter the theme of the unit, every Dynamo Girl class will include some form of running, jumping, throwing and catching; every class warm-up will involve yoga and other forms of stretching; every class session will include an art break thematically related to the unit. 

COURAGE Introduction;
Icebreaker Games
Balloons, Hoops,
Art Supplies
Getting to know each other and helping everyone feel comfortable.
CREATIVITY Obstacle Courses Variety of equipment: cones, ropes, balls Exploring, composing, and executing courses using creativity and physical skills to complete the courses.
SPIRIT Cooperative games; (no winning/losing) Balls of various
shapes, sizes
Developing ball skills and understanding the rules of the game without the pressure of competition.
DETERMINATION Individualized sport activities; track and field, tumbling Various mats and ropes Improving fine coordination skills and using courage to face the challenges of each exercise.
LOYALTY Sport “lead-up games,” (with winning/losing) Balls specific to different sports (football, soccer, basketball) Continued work on ball skills & teamwork, with emphasis on communication and encouragement as competition is introduced.
JOY Combination of
past unit activities
Varies depending
on activity
Pulling together the physical and emotional skills of semester

Dynamo Girl Curriculum Objectives

In addition to the physical skills the girls will develop at Dynamo Girl, research has shown a variety of emotional benefits from being physically active. Our goal each semester is to meet the following objectives:

  • Expand each girl’s personal attributes such as: courage, loyalty, perseverance and “sportsgirlship.”
  • Develop each girl’s coordination, agility, balance and flexibility while inculcating respect for a healthy body.
  • Teach the skills for effective participation in sports and team cultures and cultivating each girl’s confidence to participate in any physical activity of choice.
  • Provide the emotional benefits derived from physical activity: joy of accomplishment; pleasure of self-expression; pride in personal development.
  • Create opportunities in the group for developing leadership, listening and collaborating skills.