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Quarantine Conversations: A Golden Opportunity to Talk to our Kids

May 21 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


As we say in our Dynamo workshops, parenting through complex topics is not about having ONE talk, but about feeling empowered to have MANY talks with our kids. While sheltering-in-place, our kids are changing physically and emotionally right in front of our eyes and we have a golden opportunity to address important topics during this unusual time. On top of that, most schools are not including human growth and development classes in their virtual learning curriculum.

Join Vanessa Kroll Bennett, Dynamo Girl Founder, and Mary Pat Draddy, LMSW, Director of Dynamo Workshops + Training, as we walk parents through ways to talk to our kids about complex topics in thoughtful and empowering ways during this unusual time.

This 1.5 hour session for parents will include guidance and tips on:

  • How to have these conversations? “The Script”
  • What are different strategies to use for different kids?
  • What topics to address and what to leave alone?
  • When to address topics and when to take a breath?
  • How much of our own history do we share?
  • When do we pause the TV to explain?

Our guidance will be relevant for parents of children of any gender and will cover guidance for conversations about things as ageless as friendship, as timing-specific as puberty and as complex as teenage sex. There will be plenty of time for a Q&A at the end!


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