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Website Purchase & Shipment Policy.   You will be charged a flat delivery fee in the amount of $6.99 (subject to change in the sole and absolute discretion of DYNAMO).  DYNAMO hereby waives any and all liability arising out of the purchase of online product.  DYNAMO is not responsible for lost, damages or stolen items shipped through a third-party delivery agent.  DYNAMO shall not be held liable or responsible for any shipping delays.  All delivery times stated on the Website are for information purposes only and are solely used as a best-estimate of expected shipment time.   It is estimated that products will be delivered within seven (7) to ten (10) business days from submission of the orders.  Delivery times vary based upon production needs, additional production requirements and product availability and are subject to change in DYNAMO’s sole discretion.  All items will be shipped by services to be determined by DYNAMO in its sole discretion.  Please note in order to purchase any product, service or class on the Website, you must first create a unique user login and account.