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Dynamo Girl Approach

Dynamo Girl provides girls opportunities to learn and excel at a variety of physical activities by teaching them in the way they like to learn.  We focus on increasing the girls’ competence at a given skill and providing positive reinforcement for effort and improvement.  In addition to developing sports skills, we also integrate a social/emotional program based on the Girls Leadership curriculum.  This aspect of our approach allows us to address in real-time common challenges girls face when working in groups or when trying new or difficult activities.  Our goal is for each girl to improve her own individual abilities while benefiting from the joy of being part of a group that learns and works together.  We embrace the following approach:

  • Building the girls’ confidence by focusing on encouraging and constructive coaching and using the girls demonstrate and teach each other.
  • Presenting different options during skill-building and playing games entirely new to everyone to allow for different levels of skill to thrive in a given activity.
  • Using female coaches to provide positive female role models in physical activity and in life.
  • Creating an environment with enough competition to foster engagement, but not so much competition that it feels intimidating.