Physical Activity for Life

Dynamo Girl is a unique program designed specifically for girls, age 5 and up, to build their self-esteem through physical activity.

Upcoming Events

After-school Programs

Dynamo Girl’s unique after-school program for girls, ages 5 and up, builds self‐esteem through physical activity. We teach fundamental sports skills in a safe and joyful environment while integrating a social/emotional program based on the Girls Leadership curriculum.

Workshops For Girls

Dynamo Girl runs workshops for girls that build athletic, teamwork and communication skills. Our combination of physical activity and cooperative games gives girls new athletic experiences, problem-solving challenges and opportunities for building communication skills.

Workshops For Families

Dynamo Girl runs workshops for families to help them encourage girls to embrace physical activity, understand their changing bodies and the new emotions that come with those changes, and helping parents’ explore their own feelings about their daughters’ development.

Coach The Coaches

Coaches, both volunteer and professional, face specific challenges in coaching girls in sports. Dynamo Girl trains coaches in how to get the best out of their female athletes in both training and game situations, addressing common challenges such as: opting out of activities, hyper-social behavior, cliques and social exclusion.


Dynamo Girl consults with schools, camps, organizations and sports programs to develop approaches that help girls succeed in their particular environment. We incorporate our knowledge of girls in athletic, social and communal settings to help organizations get the best versions of their girls.

Speaking Engagements

Our founder, Vanessa Bennett, speaks to organizations about challenges girls and women face in today’s world and the opportunities to create positive change in areas like girls’ involvement in athletics, girls’ feelings about their own bodies, and girls’ ability to keep their bodies safe.

Where have we been?

We have seen the impact our Dynamo Girl sports classes have on girls.  The physical and emotional confidence they develop in our programs are proof of the importance of offering girls experiences specifically designed to develop their athletic abilities.  In addition, we have a front row seat to the physical, social and emotional challenges girls are facing as they grow up in the 21st century.  Having run Dynamo Girl for three years, we see that there is more work to be done beyond the walls of a gym.

What are we facing?

What would it be like if girls were offered a different narrative about what it means to be a girl? What if instead of being told by the world around us that we are mean, dramatic and weak, we were told we are kind, inclusive and powerful?   In our society, girls are confronted on a daily basis with negative stereotypes that put us down and make us question our abilities.  The pervasive use of terms like “mean girls” and “girl drama” are barriers to defining FOR OURSELVES who we are, how we treat others and what our impact on the world can be.   At Dynamo Girl, our goal is to offer girls an alternative to the stereotypes we confront every day.

Where are we going?

With the onslaught of current events and the impact of social media, it has become clear that educating girls is critical but still not enough. Dynamo Girl is committed to teaching parents, coaches, teachers and organizations to support and encourage girls.  We offer mechanisms to teach girls and trusted adults ways to support girls and build strength, tenacity and courage.