Coach The Coaches

Our goal at Dynamo Girl is to change the narrative for how girls encounter physical activity and their changing bodies.  We consult with organizations, schools and camps to train their coaches, counselors and educators on how to get the best out of the girls in their communities, on and off the field.  Over several years, we have a developed a unique curriculum that both teaches girls fundamental sports skills for a variety of sports and also engages girls emotional fluency through social/emotional learning. The singular way we coach girls has proven successful in engaging girls in physical activity as well as growing their confidence in and out of our classes.

In our “coach the coaches” sessions, we train educators on how to provide the kind of fun and encouraging environment girls need to most successfully learn new things.

By training coaches, counselors and educators the “Dynamo Girl Way” we help them incorporate strategies that provide an optimum setting for girls that includes peer to peer teaching, opportunities for creative expression, a mistake-friendly environment and chances to sing and dance and cheer.  In addition, the “Dynamo Girl Way” helps support girls in the areas that are most challenging for them: persisting through failure, taking healthy risks, trying new things and moving away from perfectionism.

Research has proven that girls who play sports have higher self-esteem, better academic performance, lower rates of mood disorders, lower rates of obesity and spend less time on social media.  We want girls to continue to be physically active throughout their childhood. The “Dynamo Girl Way” empowers girls learn sports in an environment specially designed for them.