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  • "Dynamo girl has been a tremendous experience for our 6 year old. She's learned about competition, collaboration, teamwork and respect ...respect for herself - mind and body- and for others. Our daughter asked us if she can do Dynamo Girl until she goes to college!" 

— Cheryl and Bevan, Dynamo Parents

  • "Dynamo Girl joined our school's After School program last winter and has been an extremely positive addition to our afternoon classes. I've noticed differences in the girls' confidence and attitudes from the beginning of the trimester until the end. I am so happy that Dynamo Girl is at our school, and I know it is helping our girls grow up to be confident, strong, courageous young women while making memories to last a lifetime." 

— Amanda, After-school Coordinator

  • "We have seen our daughter flourish and thrive (and quite literally, glow) under the guidance, supervision and warm care of Vanessa and her team of amazing coaches. Dynamo Girl teaches Maya to be confident and to try her best, regardless of the outcome." 

— Oriyan, Dynamo Parent

  • "I love that we get stronger and we do a lot of fitness. I love the art breaks and singing songs. We cheer people on."

— Zion, Dynamo Girl

  • "I feel grateful for every minute that my daughter has spent engaged with the supportive Dynamo Girl team. My daughter is in the capable hands of encouraging, inspiring, and positive female role models." 

— Keri, Dynamo Parent

  • "Since Lauren started Dynamo Girl we have seen her confidence grow. There is nothing like this class and it is a great gift we have been able to give our daughter to help her realize that she can do anything!" 

— Risa, Dynamo Parent

  • "I love Dynamo Girl because you get to try lots of different sports. You don't have to be good at the sports, you just have to try your hardest and they are happy with that."  

— Lily, Dynamo Girl

  • "Each time I pick up my daughter from class, she is confident, exuberant and strong. This class is a gift to all developing young girls." 

— Natalie, Dynamo Parent

  • "It's been such a joy to see my daughter thrive during her time at Dynamo Girl. The coaches and curriculum have challenged, nurtured and empowered her in just the right measure. I have watched her become increasingly confident in her own abilities. And it's not just her sports' skills that have improved, but they way she thinks of herself as a team player, problem solver, and all-around strong, capable girl. She looks forward to class each week, and leaves each session smiling. I couldn't ask for more."  

— Ghena, Dynamo Parent