I’m not one who typically makes New Year’s resolutions, but a family conversation got me thinking that it is time to use the opportunity to think about ways to be a better parent in 2019.  So often I think of resolutions as how I am going to change myself for the better, but this year I am thinking about how to make change for the sake of my daughter.  Here are my resolutions for how to be the best role model for my daughter I can be in the New Year.

  1. I will lead with empathy for her and empathy for myself, instead of leading with judgment for both of us.
  2. I will give her space to feel sad or angry or slam her bedroom door without telling her to stop crying or cheer up or let me in the room.
  3. I will teach her to say “thank you” when someone compliments her rather than citing all the reasons why she doesn’t deserve the compliment.
  4. I will let her see my cellulite and my sagging breasts instead of hiding them away like a dark secret. 
  5. I will allow her to see me fail and admit to my mistakes and then pick myself up and start again.  

To all of us helping our our daughters write for themselves a new story, a story which leads with empathy rather than judgment, here’s to a successful 2019.  To all of us working to ensure that our daughters love all of the parts of themselves, even the imperfect, embarrassed, angry, sad, saggy, dimply parts, I am right there with you.  Happy New Year.

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