Here are some quick and fun activities from Dynamo Clubhouse that can be done in short breaks during the school/work day to help burn off some extra energy, help the mind focus and allow some interplay between two people in your home.  These activities can be done by people of all sizes and abilities and only take a few minutes. Our family has been doing exercises like this before school starts in the morning, during our lunch breaks or on long rainy afternoons.

Dynamo Toilet Paper Planking

Kids will need three rolls of toilet paper stacked in front of them.  On the word “go”, the kids will begin planking, on the word “stack”, the kids will go into a one-handed plank to re-stack the toilet paper on the other side of the bodies and continue re-stacking until the coach shouts the word “rest.” On the word “rest”, the girls will come down from their planks, on the word “go” they’ll go up into their planks and on the word “stack” they will repeat the stacking and restacking.

Dynamo High-Five Planking

Partners will begin in a plank position facing each other (hands and toes touching the floor, shoulders under the hands and hips in line with shoulders – everything in a straight line). Using core strength, the partners will high-five each other while remaining in plank position. This exercise is great for building core and shoulder strength as well as balance! See how many high-fives you can complete in a certain time frame.  We started out with 10 second bursts.

Dynamo Partner Sit and Stand

This exercise begins with one person seated, knees bent facing their partner who is standing. On the “Go” signal, the partner who is standing will clasp the opposite hand of their seated partner and gently pull them up. As soon as both partners are standing, partner 2 will then sit down reversing the original roles. This is meant to be a continuous  motion of sitting and standing by both partners. This is a great exercise to work on leg and core strength as well as building up cardio endurance and coordination while also having fun with a partner!

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